Episode 16 “Los Angeles” w/ Eshan Misra

Blake talks about his first couple days in Los Angeles and his feud with child actors. Then Blake sits down, friend, roommate, improv comedian, and Groundlings intern: Eshan Misra. They talk about politics, the controversial grounds in which Eshan left his church (that was the funniest sentence I’ve ever written), and religion in general.

Listen below (or subscribe on iTunes)!


Episode 16 “Los Angeles w/ Eshan Misra”



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One response to “Episode 16 “Los Angeles” w/ Eshan Misra

  1. Raven was known for his stable (The Flock, which included Billy Kidman). He used the Evenflow DDT and I once trick-or-treated as him, which was awesome because this one dude recognized the costume.

    The minimum is one person who has to be able to recognize you to make a costume worthwhile. I am tremendously jealous of your vacation in Los Angeles.

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